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      This is the first edition of our 28 Page Magazine with fresh content for Prisoners, families, and all who are suffering in these difficult times. Here, you can purchase individual copies of the magazine and pay what you like. The $1 minimum is only to cover are the cost of printing.

      To see more about the magazine, please visit this page:

      In this magazine, we draw from over 10 years of working in more than 300 prisons in various countries across the world. We seek to comfort, inspire, education the reader with the sincere love and plain understanding of why we suffer in this world, how to overcome and how to draw near to God in Jesus and understand the Scriptures through the Holy Spirit. The magazine is not written from the perspective of any specific church, religion, or denomination.

      Since publication in Fall of 2020, we have received an overwhelming response from hundreds of inmates across the country, and the world, and are thrilled to be able to offer such a resource to those behind the wire.


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