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Created specifically for those incarcerated, Deep Heart Unbound Magazine is a treasured resource in Correctional Facilities across the country. Reaching more than 50,000 inmates in print and more than 500,000 digitally, it is a transformative tool utilized in every state in America. With premium graphics, riveting stories, and in-depth articles about relevant topics, Deep Heart Unbound seeks to offer a high-quality content for everyone. Drawing from more than 14 years experience working in hundreds prisons around the world, we style the graphics and writing especially to reach inmates who may fall outside the typical methods of reform and reach even those would be considered “gang members” or “hardcore” and draw them into a mindset of transformation. 

Inmates have described its value as “life-changing,” and said, “It got me through my time in prison,” and, “I’ve read it at least 50 times, and I keep going back to find more.” It is offered free of charge, both digitally and in print, so as to reach inmates from all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds with educational, therapeutic, helpful, and immersive content. 

If you would like to receive the magazine at your facility, please reach out to us at:

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We want to reach as many as we can through this publication. We offer it freely and cover all the costs ourselves. You can download it above (freely). We pay about $1.00 for the magazine and a few dollars to ship it. If you would like a printed copy, you can purchase it here, you can pay whatever you like and we will ship it out to you asap. If you work at a facility and would like a large quantity of magazines please email us here:
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We are a small, family-run, 501c3 public charity and have created  this magazine from scratch. This is in addition to our very successful show where we use music, dance, comedy, magic tricks, and theater to create a rehabilitating platform by which we can deliver an inspiring, comforting and transformative message (read more about this).  We work hard to publish content that is dynamic, ground-breaking, and practically helpful to inmates and people from all walks of life.

This is the launch of our new magazine that we hope will be established as a regular publication. The printing and distribution is quite expensive. Currently, each magazine costs about $.50 an issue to print, plus distribution costs. We are hoping to reach numbers in the tens of thousand. If you have the means, or know of someone who does, that could help us with the printing/distributing costs we would greatly appreciate it. The demand is overwhelming.

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We have received overwhelming response from the tens of thousands we have distributed thus far in over 200 correctional facilities from both the administrators, chaplains, and inmates. There are multitudes more whom we would like to reach and send the magazine to but currently resources and funds are limited. If anyone would like to or be able to help us, it would be greatly appreciate by us and all the men whom it would help. 


Deep Heart Magazine is a great place to advertise directly into the hands of thousands of inmates and their families in Correctional Facilities across the nation. We can design your ad in house or you can send us an ad ready to go. All of our advertisers carry the uplifting theme of education, life skills, legal representation, programs by mail, tools, and products that contribute to the well being and enhancement of the inmates lives as they journey towards a greater goal. We would love to welcome you aboard before our next printing. Please drop an email to Abraham at:

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